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S.NoNameQuotesType of Case StudyLocationPhotoReport
1GuddiBreaking barriers - GuddiEduSangam Vihar
2LataLata .. pride of RISEEduKotdwar
3FatimaThe loving educator – FatimaEduKanpur
4AoliCreating childhoods worth cherishing .. AoliEduAinta
5RajniAN URGE TO STUDY …BenfDevli Village Sangam Vihar
6KajalFROM DARK TO DAWN …BenfDevli Village Sangam Vihar
7FarheenFarheen having fun with studies at RISE …BenfDevli Village Sangam Vihar
8SarojWhen Saroj saw her children RISE …BenfDevli Village Sangam Vihar
9SheetalSheetals inception to RISE and a satisfied mother Manju….BenfDevli Village Sangam Vihar
10AradhanaI also want to study…BenfDevli Village Sangam Vihar